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Patrick Lannigan: History

Re-written by Patrick Lannigan - Winter 2009/2010

If you're looking for my career history, that's easy enough to discover on my LinkedIn page.

If you looking for the history of some of the companies I've worked for you can check out PowerBuilder / Powersoft history, Progress Software history, or InSystems History.

Forget Career History. Let's Talk Lessons!

So you worked at company XYZ for 5 years. What did you learn? I've seen a few thousand resumes in my lifetime but this information has never been included. And I understand why. Sometimes it might involve our own shortcomings (e.g. hard lessons learned) or some personality traits of co-workers or bosses (e.g. "masochistic son of a bitch"). So I get it. But you should be prepared to answer those "what did you learn?" questions in an interview. Because if you didn't learn anything, at each and every career stop along the way, then that's just sad.


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