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You can contact me via email at lannigan (at) gmail (dot) com or via my iPhone  at (647) 202-2353.

As a vp of marketing I wanted an iPhone so I could experience (first hand) the usability aspects of it. Getting used to the keyboard was a challenge, and so was the form factor. I bet those young kids (who are coming straight from their Nintendo DS experience) don't have any problems at all!

Despite my mini-gripes I have to admit that it is magic. The fact that it synchronizes my Google Contacts is sweet. And I've never felt so connected. Not in a loser-that's-always-checking-my-email-kind-of-way but, rather, in a way that empowers me to reach out when I need to. Reach out to Family+Friends+Business. It's a nice mix. And to those people who can't take their eyes off their forever-buzzing-blackberry in meetings—you should smarten up. It's rude. Be elegant. Turn it off and put it in your pocket.


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Email Patrick Lannigan at lannigan at gmail dot com for more information

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