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Canadian Banking Software

Patrick Lannigan - Spring 2009

I used to be vp marketing for this canadian banking software company. Despite the downturn in banking, we flourished. Our clients included Royal Bank, CIBC, Manulife Bank, Manulife Financial, TD, CHIP (now HomEquity Bank), etc. Why the success? The answer is not so simple. Good products? Yes. That's a given. The truth is that our success relies on a team of over 114 130 people who provide product vision, support, technical services, consulting, and more. I could go on and on. But I won't. Truth is—the evidence lies squarely with the success of our clients, who continue to grow and prosper despite these challenging times. That says it all.

The Plug-In BankingTM modules of Portfolio+ include:

Strategic Information Technology (SIT) (now Portfolio+) Background

Strategic Information Technology (SIT) began life in 1988 when the founders (Sam Ilaqua, Rob Leeming, Stephen Leeming) got together to build "better banking software". Stephen and Rob had I.T. backgrounds and Sam had a background as CFO for a major bank. Together they set out to build Portfolio Plus, our flagship product. Today SIT has four out of the six largest financial institutions in Canada as customers (but we're working on more!).

Contact Portfolio+ Sales for more info:

To reach Portfolio+ you can simply dial 905-640-0808.


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Email Patrick Lannigan at lannigan at gmail dot com for more information

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