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Ontario Road Test Help and Hints

Before you Go

My daughter didn't pass her road test and it kind of pissed me off because there were no "helpful hints" on what, exactly, was going to be on the road test and how she was going to be marked. So I too the little "markup sheet" with all the little pieces of information she was judged against and put it here to help other students (and my daughter).

1. Start

  • Unable to locate / adjust / operate safety devices
  • Fails to observe - uses mirror only
  • Fails to signal / improper signal
  • Incorrect use of clutch / brake / accelerator / geears / steering

2. Braking

  • Fails to look around / to rear before / while backing - mirror only
  • Turnabout control / steering method / observation / vehicle position
  • Incorrect use of clutch / branke / accelerator / gears / steering

3. Driving Along

  • Follows or passes too closely / cuts in too soon
  • Improper choice of lane / stradddles lanes / unmarked roadway
  • Fails to check blind spot / observe properly
  • Lane change signal wrong / early / late / not given / not cancelled
  • Right of way observance: ped / self / other vehicles
  • Speed: too fast / slow for conditions / impedes traffic
  • Incorrect use of clutch / branke / accelaertor / gears / sterring / safety devices

4. Intersections / R.R. Crossing

  • Fails to observe properly / controlled / uncontrolled intersections
  • Fails to obey signs or signals / pavement markeings
  • Late in slowing / stopping / slows too soon
  • Stopping position: too soon or blocks crosswalk / intersection
  • Right-of-way observance: ped. / self / other vehicle

5. Turns

  • Signalling: Wrong / early / late / not given / not cancelled
  • Fails to get in proper position / lane / late into lane / late into position
  • Right-of-way observance: ped / self / position / other vehicles
  • Turns too wide - enters wrong lane
  • Cuts corner - enters wrong lane
  • Speeding: method / control / recovery
  • Speed: too fast / too slow / enter / leave / impedes
  • Incorrect use of clutch / branke / accelerator / gears

6. Parking

  • Fails to observe - uses mirror only / backing / leaving
  • Hits: objects / other vehicles or climbs curbs
  • Fails to signal when leaving / incorrect signal
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears / steering

7. Stop, park and start on a grade

  • Fails to observe properly / uses mirror only / and / or signal before leaving
  • Rolls back when parking or starting
  • Fails to angle wheels properly
  • Fails to set parking brake / select proper gear
  • Incorrect use of: clutch / brake / accelerator / gears / steering

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