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Men Only

Men Only: A Temporary Portal to the Soul

Patrick Lannigan, January 16, 2010

It's an uneventful Saturday morning and I'm driving to work to finish up some press releases. I've got my iPhone plugged into the car stereo and a U2 song comes on. A few bars into the song "Stay" my eyes start tearing up. WTF? So I start the song again. More drops!? I wasn't depressed. I wasn't sad. I wasn't upset. And it felt good, like a washing of the soul.


11 years ago I'm in the CEO's office (large public software company) and he's recalling his experience at his uncle's funeral when the bag pipes started and how he cried like a baby.

2 years ago I walk into a President's office (software company) and tears are pouring down his cheeks involuntarily, his headphones on, his eyes focused on his computer. It was a Paul Potts YouTube video.

Twenty-some years ago I invite a man, who I knew liked opera, to a dress rehearsal of La Bohème (Michelle Dias had tickets) and when I turned to talk to him I saw the tears. He was a big man. A masculine man. A 'Stones fan. And definitely heterosexual.

So what gives? What part of our thousands-year-old-DNA gets triggered by music to shake loose the bullet-proof vests of our souls?

Can't say I know the answer but it sure is intriguing.

Later in the evening, (on the particular Saturday I went into the office), I played that U2 song again. No drops. Phew. Was that a good thing?

men only postscript: I've seen this piece kick a few men in the balls.


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