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Randy Gregory

Written by Patrick Lannigan - May 2009

Certain friends and events change you—forever. Randy is one of those friends.

I remember the moment we were brought together.

At 17 I was growing more frustrated with living in Moncton by the day. I wanted out. I was bored with high school. Bored with the mix of jocks, nerds, and musicians I hung out with. Living in Moncton I thought the world's happenings were passing me by and I would be stuck in that town forever. Lacking any funds to really go anywhere I'd escape in research.

Randy Gregory

Walking down the street in Moncton's "old west end" I met up with Randy and "the gang" playing basketball. "Where you going?" Randy asked. "I'm doing research on pharmacology and the brain" I replied. The look he gave me said it all. I forget what his exact reply was—but he joined me in my reserach that summer and we buried ourselves in the library for many weeks going from book to book to encylopedia to book.

Looking back I can see he had a taste for the fringe, as I did. The outer limits—so to speak. Ever since that summer we were close (if not physically, then in spirit). Over the years we've seen each other through ups and downs but always—we were there for each other.

Randy saw me through the dot.com crash and my mother dying. I saw him through the loss of his best friend (Alan Berkshire) and the loss of Judith, his wife.

On June 20th I'll be flying out to Nova Scotia to see him get married again. I'm looking forward to a great feast and celebration.


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